Hey hey Hey! Hello family, friends, passer by and core fan! Today I release Nu Minute and I feature AJO. Produced by NuveySHAWN, beat by Mento X at G2 Complex.

Nu Minute Lyrics :



It’s for the boys them

From Mutungo luzira, and kitints,

Shout out G2 complex

Let’s go!

Uh uh

I gat latif on me Puma feet

No Gucci, Roseylyn gat bambi

Sylvia Owori on my chick She so thick

On the way to Luzira its Butabiika

I mean we go crazy you can say we insane

Gat dem! tulibaaka, we thicker than them

Game thicker than straka in 07

You lost out its 2015 you doing staff I did when I was fifteen

Now, am 20-dreams of a Bentley and a Cadillac

I won’t try my luck

I know ‘Am fortunate

At least I know that’s my friend’s sister name

They don’t ask for what’s my name?

(Could I rap for a minute?)


AJO sample

Mean for a minute

Niggas bout to die in a minute

Am a killer I admit it

Killer I admit it

NuveySHAWN Verse 2

The 808’s bang and I get in shout outs to the Nu Nation

Fifty G’s pressed in my jeans, I hang with them gorillas

Born in Mengo to live in Luzira

Swerving on a boda to Mutungo then Kitints,

To take over mudongo no kitukidogo

Don’t mistake me for katogo though

I’m a variety; I quench your lyrical thirst

And I do it till it last(s)

I switch up making your satiety grow

I get high a bit, no alcohol hero

Though, my shawty leave (leave)

I get myself a rolex (heck)

Cause I know Am ‘bout to be her ex

That gal over there;

I met in Bugos   she thinks am ‘bout to be her next

Sorry am on-to –the-next- like Xavier!

Mento X on the beat uuhm uhm

I see you sweat, Its May already?

But I do this like Pac man

Watch me hit them up before my prime

No violence all I do;

Prove them wrong till they give me saayalence

Could I rap for a minute?



Mean for a minute

Niggas bout to  die in a minute

Am a killer I admit it

Killer I admit it


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