Told her one day,….

Hold up AMA call this Papi

Written instinctively – with depression

and yet heavy thoughts like oppression.

I am obliged to love, to care, to give a hoot,

My life might need a real boot,

Real boot to put some downs in!

My life, need a re-boot.


At 14 or 15 – okay in my teens,

I was bout to be Papi

Everything was just instinct.

The gal – so distinct

That one day and never stuck my dick in

I was lucky not to have,

But I regret it,

Older age – am thinking always

Like I wanna have, ooh I wanna have

Like I deserve all that they serve.



‘Do you want to be Papi?

Do you want to be a good Papi?

Listen to I, Papi* 

One day you will be a father,

You will be faced with the task to raise, provide and care for your family,

And so many other lengthy tasks.’


‘You nuh like them!

Them teenagers and fuck boys!’


NOTE: papi* where i come from means your father. The other use of Papi is picked from Spanish to mean father. Hope you enjoyed this piece.

Oops! Allow me to tell you I am working on a project I shall call Papi Instinct. “And what about SHAWNESDAY?” Well you may ask; SHAWNESDAY is ready thought not sure when to release it.

Wait for more  Papi inspired poems and the sonic project too.


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