I was talking to myself in the bathroom and I heard my inner voice say to me: “dude! RHODA State! It’s been a while!”. The inner voice was all in exclamations. And I realized its about two years and some months ever since I dropped R S.

R.H.O.D.A. State was my first single off the Sunset n’Counter Mixtape. Well the only place or platform that received so well was RadioCity.ug, on SNMS hosted by MisterDeejay. The date is about  2014 September 6th or something. My friend, Bliz Log listened to radio and told me he heard it played.

It was until then I realized: Reality Has Already Opened Doors for me.

RS was about my realisation of doing things because they were in the realm of creativity I had a hand in.

I had a friend named Rhoda and supposedly was meant to be on a track with me and then events changed. I was mad the track never matured!

Gladly, the state of mind I was in was “mad at Rhoda State of mind”. So as I wrote the song, I realised the only true moment and controllable one is: the one I am in. So I came up with the title out of rage and yet it didn’t reasonate with the message of the song.

When I penned the intro, I found my self breaking down Rhoda’s name and there we are: Reality Has Opened Doors Already.  The name would be an acronym or abbreviation for this new insight.

I worked towards sharing with my friends and potential fans what reality has done for me. My mixtape actually took that root track into a route to track.  Without R S I don’t think TSN would have matured.

I am gone for now may be we will talk about my first mix-tape later! Enjoy the track below:


[Download Link]

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