I have had to procrastinate for so long about getting my self onto stage to at least just perform two lines of some of my poetry or rap songs. The feeling of saying: may be next time. I will write tomorrow. I will attend the other event or the next. Good news, NuveySHAWN is back! Am I?

Well tonight I will be at Kelele @ Makerere Poetry show. The night is themed alongside Heroes day celebrations.  I have made up my mind to do a piece if you attend will know. A piece that has been a basis for most of my depression and procrastination sessions.

Many a times, we sing, write about heroes – tonight I am going radical! What about the rape victims, who kept that child (not superman and those fictitious narratives), ‘the low lives’ born is the system they found and try to make the world better at least within their own communes.

The persons raped by there supposed heroes!

The piece I will perform at Makerere’s Art Gallery, is inspired by Emma Sulkowicz’s protest art. She is an artist using art to start conversation on injustices.  We live a different time zone but well, crime is crime!

Viewer and listener discretion is necessary! So see you there and be ready to…

Pick something !

Show  starts at 7pm – 10pm entrance is free and lots of poets will be there. This post is simply an insight into what I will do. More details at the show.

Let’s meet!


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