This is not a diss song it is this song to let you know our country is twisted!

When I tried to have my case answered at least in two days, it took four days for power to be fixed at my residence. I appreciate the good services  Umeme offers but not the bad ones. This track is to air out what I felt for those four hurting days. How you recieve the same message for four days without being helped.

My focus is on the urgency we may have and yet the way of operation  or response for this  Monopoly and others takes longer than needed.

If you listen closely, Steady Regress is beyond Umeme’s bad service towards us last week. Let the music speak. And as an artist, its my social responsibility to address issues that many might not want to air out.

Steady Regress / U, Meh! Meh!  [lyrics + audio]

Verse 1:

[For my people]

Yeah. NuveySHAWN

The President says “steady Progress”

Well I say; “f**k it, it’s Steady Regress” (regress!)

Four days no power, I am a witness

I called Umeme, and I sounded like a goat: “meh meh”

No one came to fix the E07 issue (damn!)

“Its Umeme worker on phone, can I help you?”

And the funny thing, you all sounded rehearsed arses, (damn!)

Telling me the same message

“Someone will come and fix the issue”

Reference number like a classy thing to refer to,

And yet you field officers – seem to be on reefer! (Or some other drug)

May be because I am not a senior officer

Not an M.Pig! Not a minister!

It will take a week for me to have my power fixed,

While others have it for life,

A dictator ship, is your Monopoly

[I am not sorry, “You should be!”]



There’s a goat in here

Meh meh!

There’s a goat in here


Verse 2:

Trust me; this country is not for me (I am for this country)

But I love to work for she;

While, cor(p)-plantations are set up,

We have field sheep, and work sheep!

My neighbours got power- and I; counting days and hours,

So we could also have ours.

I directed your staff where I reside,

Surprising, they past it and went, to another place: gated!

Not like where I reside, am not so surprised,

I realise, 9 times out of 10; folks are thinking of bribery

Or when and how to pay for a bribe,

While am here, no bride, tryna hustle

-I work from home, freelancing, blogging, educating Children

I realise I should be doing that; for a whole institution! [F Umeme]

(schoolin’ ‘em)

The goat and corporation!



There’s a goat in here!

Meh meh!

There’s a goat in here


Verse 3:

Day four:

You telling me how you “understand”? (You don’t!)

Yet I know, your asses are sitting, and;

I, up and down, charging at a friend’s home, (going to Pato)

“It should be strictly services, no friend zone!”

Okay, you think: I should “go to Kitintale”

What the f**k did you give us an office number for?

Do you, understand service delivery?

Or you want to tell us “Mugume”, listen we are not Canary!

But hey, I am reporting live not from NBS,

But from Upper Bbiina! (Shout out Luzira)

“Public and Private Servants” we expect: collaboration,

But most of the time it’s: “Kola, baa, the nation!” (Thieves!)

Seems like we are not used to offering (the best!) the best!

Are fake degrees a shock?

Still wonder how I can sue you!

May be it will be, in-part-two.

I got to pay you even when I hate you! (Even though I hate you!)

Meh! Meh! Goats!

Listen below:

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