NuveySHAWN is a Ugandan based rapper, Poet and song writer. He has shared a stage with Angella Katatumba and Keko Town once at a British council sponsored climate Change Campaign, that took place in 2011 at St kizito s.s Bugolobi where he studied as well. He was a student climate change activist, contributing to the struggle by writing poems, articles and musical pieces that he often performed with his fellow climate change activists (students) at different events. Being part of this dedicated group he explored and added Drama to his catalog which saw him perform skits aimed to sensitize people; performing at different local schools and meetings with members of parliament(2011).

With the love of poetry and hip hop he founded www.nuveylive.org- a Ugandan, based poetry, hip hop and spoken word blog and online radio. He believes hip hop saved his life and thus hip hop has therapeutic value. He is yet dropping his second length project; SHAWNESDAY which has a collection of poetry, rap songs and beats compiled together.

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SHAWNESDAY is to be used as a means to promote the therapeutic value of Hip Hop and poetry by NuveySHAWN in partner ship with his founded website.


He is purely Ugandan born, Started mainstream recording in September 2014.

Born AYELLA ROBERT in Mengo Hospital, Kampala, Uganda and grew up in Luzira and Bbinna , Mutungo. Started singing as early as 4years and started Freestyling in 2007 as a way to express growth and breakaway from vices. In 2008 decided to practice further and took on freestyle rapping that very year after meeting Colleagues who loved the Genre much as He (NuveySHAWN) did.


He is currently working on a compilation titled SHAWNESDAY: My Evenings With You Compilation. Its release date is not yet known. The project is deeply rooted in poetry, spoken word and performance. It’s a personal project to him because he was under so much depression when he started putting it together. At the moment he is simply sorting the final tracks to make it to SHAWNESDAY. A few singles have been released which include, Good Love, Blood, Can I Freestyle, Untitled Thoughts and Kleith.


NuveySHAWN spent about four years growing with the genre despite his passion for acting. Rap became part of him which he admits on Track one off his Mixtape ‘The SunSet n’Counter’ named TSN/NuveyCreed “started rapping in 2007 n rap became ma emblem.” So in 2011 He recorded his first freestyle song with TLJ (a friend) which had an online success rotation on Twitter for a month.

“In fact they were go ahead* for me”–NuveySHAWN.

His peers used to called Him NuuSH*T (new thing) because every time He free-styled he Never repeated a single line from the previous freestyle. However with time He decided to define himself positively, hence the name NuveySHAWN which is a pan on NEW INVENTION /NUVATION.

“I felt like my style and view of hip-hop is new and how I rap is my own invention”–NuveySHAWN

Nuvey’s Lyrics are a result of the love for literature (poetry, prose) in that he employs a poetic view while writing despite His Long Freestyling History. Inspired by Rappers like Enigma (UG), Lyrical GMC, Sylvester, Abramz, Lupe Fiasco, Ruyonga, Kanye West, Common, Talib Kweli , Mc-Lite, Lauren Hill, Eminem and the Story tellers like St Nelly Sade, Eminem and Drake, Kendrick Lamar(between 2009 to the present). He also includes spoken word in his work inspired by Benjamin EA, George The Poet, Earl Sweat Shirt and more.


In August 2014 he recorded and released R.H.O.D.A STATE (which he voiced at Buddies Studio Kampala by TheWEEZY and Mastered by AndyMuzic). This was his first step to the airwaves. The track on September 6 had Rotation on Misterdeejay UG’s house hold show SNMS (Saturday night mic show) every Saturday on Radio city (Uganda)

“I like the lyrics, great skill of writing”—MisterdeejayUG (http://snmslive.com)

R.H.O.D.A STATE was well appreciated by many Listeners of the show and yet the title was somewhat controversial; many thought he wrote it for a female named Rhoda but he still maintains.

I got inspiration from my friend Rhoda, but I played around with the letters in her name. So RHODA, to me meant Reality Has Opened Doors Already”

On that basis He admits to being inspired by people and things around him, and so views hip-hop as a way of expression and a tool to making a difference in life starting with His own, society’s and friends’ lives too


NuveySHAWN has a mixtape titled ‘The Sunset n’Counter’ / TSN which is a 16 track tape, which had a digital Release on 28.02.15. He Released it under his Co-Founded and independent label-MOGUAP INK. The mixtape includes both written and freestyle Tracks, which he intended to do as a way to show and express both writing and freestyling skills. This therefore confirms to the imagery that is painted by the mixtape title, ‘The Sunset n’Counter’- which he calls a light he encountered in rap, poetry and its equivalent (spoken word). This is further explained in the self-proclaimed Nuvey Creed (track number 1 off the mixtape). The whole concept of the mixtape dates back from August 2014 when he wrote R.H.O.D.A STATE as he says, a second track that inspired the whole compilation is.

The rest of the tracks (15 songs) where recorded and co-produced by NuveySHAWN at a home based Studio in Luzira named G-2 Complex. He worked closely with his friend and producer, Mento X to put it all together. He features Samples from Alpha Ville (Big in Japan), Linkin Park (cure for the itch), Mo Beau City (Retaliate), and BaruBeatsb (Redefinitions). He also features Anonymous, Gold Dust, and Mento X(all from G-2 Complex), Timie (MoGUAP iNK) and Omar256(MoGUAP iNK).


“At the Moment he is One Emcee representing Mutungo/Bbiina and Kirombe”- Allan GMothology

The mixtape can be downloaded from http://www.audiomack.com/artist/nuveyshawn






FACEBOOK: Nuveyshawn





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